Now in its third generation, S & B Motors has been a family-run, independent garage since 1965.   The company was founded by Peter Boyce and William (Bill) Slevin.  In 1975 Peter's son, Steve Boyce finished school and started as a trainee.   Steve worked through the ranks, gaining both experience and management skills from his father and Bill.  

Bill unfortunately passed away in 1986 and Steve began to share duties with his father.   In 1993, upon Peter's retirement Steve became the Proprietor and expanded the business.    Following in her father's footsteps, Steve's daughter Natalie joined the team in 2006.  Like her father, Natalie felt there was something special about family-led businesses and upon Steve's retirement took over the business with the Manager Sean Regan.

Right from the start, the company's reputation was built on reliability and honesty rather than just price.   As we are now servicing and repairing vehicles for the third generation of many of the same families, who became customers and friends all those years ago, we feel this decision was the right one.  

We have an extremely low turnover of staff - our longest standing member of staff, Bruce Bellotte has been with the company for over forty years.  Consequently, many of our customers have come to know our technicians and will often have the same person maintaining their vehicle for the whole time they own it.   This means you get the benefit of decades of local experience and a heritage of excellence, when you need it most.


William and Peter with their prized Jags

Meet the Team



Natalie Morton-Boyce

Upon joining S & B Motors in 2006 I began working in the office which enabled me to develop and enhance my communication skills.   I have educated myself on the foundations of mechanical engineering and have broaden my skill set to include basic mechanics, this has enabled me to help out on the shop floor as and when is required.   Our 51 years of trading have allowed us to build up very strong relationships with both our suppliers and our customers and I take personal responsibility with maintaining this and building on it.




Sean Regan

Sean is also a fully qualified and skilled mechanic which allows him to help out on the shop floor as and when required. Sean's meticulous nature has earned him the reputation as the fixer with our problematic jobs. Sean has consistently been aware of his own personal development and strives to seek improvement. In 2012 Sean became a nominated MOT Tester for Class 4 and Class 7 vehicles this involved a course and practical test where much of the revision was done in his own time. Sean has also trained himself to a high standard with our diagnostic equipment..




Mathew Tenebaum

Isabel got her start working under Hugo Walters, Esq., director of the ABC Fashion Institute. She specializes in all things related to fashion law, whether that’s securing a trademark for a logo design or helping clients work through federal textile laws. Before joining Harris Ingram, she was an associate at fine arts practice Veronica Chin, PLLC. Isabel also represents fine artists, galleries, appraisers, and more on art litigation matters.