HEVRA - Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Repair Alliance


We have joined forced with HEVRA making us one of the few EV friendly garages in the UK. After being vetted and ensuring we have all of the right qualifications, tools and equipment to service and repair electric and hybrid vehicles. Not only will our customers benefit from our experience but this gives us unlimited access to technical support and advice from the entire network.


Got a warning light on? Car won’t start or charge? Book in with your local HEVRA-approved garage to help.


The air conditioning in most electric and hybrid cars runs from a high-voltage compressor. Ordinary air conditioning oil conducts electricity, so if the correct procedure is not used, isolation faults can prevent the car from starting. We have the equipment and expertise to sort out your air con.


Electric and hybrid vehicles generally use an electronic braking system to allow for regenerative braking, Whether you need brake pads, a brake fluid change or have other brake problems, we can help.